Most every day, there seems to be something to stress us out – whether it’s the state of personal finances, family obligations, deadlines at work, a crazy driver, or marriage / couple issues. These, and many more will always be there and it is up to you to find a way to cope with all the stress in life. Stress doesn’t just disappear. It is a mental condition that one needs to find remedies for in order to help reduce and prevent its occurrence and negative impact on our lives.

The dangers of high-stress levels aren’t just ulcers, weak immune system, and high blood pressure. In extreme cases, it can become unbearable. So here are some tips for stress management;

  • Find the stressors

Sure, unpaid bills and failed marriages are certainly the sources of stress but other stressors are not that obvious. Many are the times that the problem lies deep within yourself. It might be that due to your own behaviors, thoughts, general outlook, and feelings. Once you understand your true source of stress, it becomes easy to find solutions to these stressors.

  • Learn how you deal with stressors

The next step is looking at how you handle the root cause of stress. Do you drown yourself with alcohol, sleep too much, or act out? Or do you accept, avoid or alter the stressors? Effectively dealing with stress is crucial since on-going stress can lead to unhealthy behaviors. It helps to have a journal documenting how you managed certain problems. Often, a professional therapist can provide insight and offer effective suggestions to help deal with stressful times.

  • Keep away from unnecessary stress

Stress management is easy when you learn to walk away from unnecessary stress. For instance, say no sometimes. Know your limits what to you say ‘yes’ to. If it’s toxic people stressing you out, avoid them. Have a plan to handle your to-do list, control your environment and keep off hot-button topics.

  • Change the situation

Taking a front-row seat to your life helps reduce stress. If you can’t avoid the stressor, try working around them by altering the situation. Be willing to compromise and express your feelings. Changing the situation means finding common ground with what (or who) is stressing you out.

  • Accept what can’t be changed

No matter how hard we try, there are things we have no control over. Instead, adopt the quote, “Grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. It can be an excellent way to handle the stressors that we can’t change such as the death of a loved one. Try to look for the silver lining in these situations.

In conclusion, make time for relaxation and having fun. It can be exercise, listening to music, gardening or inviting friends over. Do not let the stressor take control over your own wellbeing. With the above stress management tips, you can find more peace and enjoy life a bit fuller.


Here’s to your health!

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