Practicing on the track for improved running performance is essential. However, targeted strength training can prove to be a real game changer when it comes to increasing your speed. If you want to know the secret to how to run faster on the track, then check out these tips.

Strength training for increased speed will do wonders for your running. On your quest to “how to run faster,” your first step should be focusing on the posterior chain. This refers to the strengthening of all the important muscles, hamstring, calf muscles, spinal erectors, and gluteus, that aid in running faster on track.

Following are some of the exercises that can help:

1.     Hang Clean

Track athletes should add hang clean to their training routine to run faster on the course. Not only is it easier for beginners, but a great exercise to improve power and speed among runners. Hang cleans are compound weightlifting movements that engage the entire back body. The weight can vary according to the trainee level.

2.     Hamstring Curl

The hamstring curl is yet another core-strengthening exercise that improves the structure of the muscles. A hamstring curl is essential for runners to run faster in many aspects. Firstly, a strong hamstring can prevent the injury rate by 50%. The overall health and structure of the runner are improved, and if this exercise is incorporated into the daily practice, the runner can increase the pace of the race.

3.     Box Squats

Ox squats are just like any other squats, but this running exercise involves a box or any surface positioned behind when exercising. It requires the runner to squat until the surface is touched. It is a killer compound exercise. As compared to normal squats, box squats engage the hamstring and gluteus more, which alternatively helps in running faster on the track.

4.     Pull-Ups

Well, this might sound like a basic exercise but the truth is that pull-ups can increase the range of motion of the runner. On the other hand, a restricted range of motion increases the chances of injury, a slow pace, and a weaker hamstring. Hence, in order for the runner to be effective on the track, pull-ups are the best.

5.     Planks

Planks are yet another simple yet effective running exercise. It is a foolproof exercise to build the core string, which is essential for running fast on the track. The best thing about the planks is that you don’t really have to be a professional to conduct them. Even a beginner can do planks and be effective on the track.


No matter how much time is spent by the runner on the track, some homework should be done on muscle training and strengthening to reap more benefits like prevention of injury, stringer hamstring, and sturdy core. All of the things that we have mentioned repeatedly in the blog will certainly allow the runners to bring their A-game on the track.


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