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Unhealthy Habits Seniors Should Quit

For seniors, leading a healthy lifestyle is non-negotiable as they try to lead a long life free from illnesses and complications. In order to achieve this, it means breaking habits which may be working adversely towards healthy living. If you are a senior looking to improve the quality of your life, here are some unhealthy […]

Why More Girls Should Be Encouraged To Join Sports

There are several clear benefits associated with physical activity for youth that include social and mental improvements, building respect for others, teamwork, and building self-confidence. Unfortunately, many girls (as do many boys) miss out on these benefits because as they get into adolescence, many of them migrate toward other interests outside of sports. School sports […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Seniors

Leading a healthy lifestyle is paramount, especially for seniors. This is because there is a correlation between leading a healthy lifestyle and an absence of illnesses in the latter years. This can also translate to a longer and more fruitful life. Here are a few tips to get you on your way to a more […]

Tips to Aging Gracefully

There is no escaping old age. However, it shouldn’t be seen as the monster that many people consider it to be. In fact, old age is a trophy that signifies the journey and the life lessons you’ve learned along the way. It also means that you get to go through the rest of your life […]

The benefits of sports and fitness activities

Engaging in various sports and fitness activities can have great, positive effects on your overall health. Meanwhile assuming a sedentary lifestyle can make your life dull and unhappy. Inactiveness makes you vulnerable to numerous health issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart complications, and breathing disorders among others. A great way to avoid […]

Leading an Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle is one that involves consistent physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. It is key to fitness and overall wellness of the body. An active lifestyle has tons of benefits to physical and mental strength.  Leading such a lifestyle ensures a stress-free life. It increases the cognitive functions, boosts energy, combat diseases, increases […]

Weight Loss and Weight Management

Weight gain and obesity cases have been on the rise, and their impact on health is measurably unbearable. This is why there exist hundreds of diet plans aimed at weight loss and endless articles on benefits of keeping fit. This has also led to the development of various treatments and drugs resulting in a multi-billion […]

Reasons to Visit a Sports Medicine Specialist

There are many athletes who have impressed all of us with their amazing performances. They have gained fame and fortune, but at a cost of tremendous determination, focus, and hard work put into the training sessions. These sessions help increase their abilities but also leave them vulnerable to injuries. This is one of the major reasons […]