Fitness TrackersWhen it comes to getting more fit and healthier, knowledge is power. If your aim is to lose weight, you will need to increase your physical activity and of course, diet has a lot to do with it too, along with consistency and smart decisions. Medical technology has made this easier by introducing fitness trackers that can help you achieve your goals. Keeping track of what you do on a day by day basis or week after week can actually motivate you to work harder, which is very important when it comes to being fit and healthy. There are several fitness trackers on the market today. Some tally the miles you travel when jogging, some calculate the calories you burn, some read your heart rate while some take records of the steps you take. The following are a just a couple of the popular fitness trackers available on the market today:

Wrist and armband fitness trackers

Wrist and armband trackers are increasingly becoming the new trend among tech and fitness enthusiasts. The following are examples of these options:

  • The BodyMedia Fit core

When worn around the wrist, this device collects information about your activity, calories burned in the process and sleep. This armband calculates your exercise level and calories burn based on a few metrics.

  • MIO Alpha BLE fitness watch

This is an ideal device for athletes. This device does not measure the steps you take when jogging and it does not measure the distance traveled. But is has an indicator that shows you when your heart rate is below the normal rate or above the normal rate. It is ideal for running, cycling and plenty of other endurance sports.

Clip-on fitness trackers

Clip-on fitness trackers are different from fitness watches or wearable fitness trackers. All you have to do is to securely clip them on your clothes and you are good to go.

  • Fitbit one

This is a super smart pedometer that keeps track of the steps you take when jogging, walking or running, tracks how many stairs you have climbed, the calories burned, total distance traveled and the quality of sleep you have on a daily basis. It features a silent wake alarm that vibrates at whatever time you set it to wake you up without necessarily waking your partner. It has a workable display, it is accurate and it can comfortably and discreetly fit into the front part of a bra strap.

  • Misfit Shine

This is arguably one of the most stylish and small waterproof fitness clip-on trackers on the market. This device has the ability to differentiate between running, walking, cycling and swimming. It uses a watch battery that lasts for about four months.

Whether you are an active runner, walker or serious athlete, a fitness tracker can help you reach your goals and measure your ongoing success. Plus, they could be a lot of fun.


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