ImPACT program for Head Injuries

ImPact Program for Head Injuries at Lubbock Sports Medicine and Dr. Kevin Crawford

Protecting your head has become of increasing importance in sports today. With our expertise and certified ImPACT clinicians, Lubbock Sports Medicine is the leading source for treatment of sports-related head injuries on the South Plains. Stan Kotara, PA, has been working with the ImPACT program with great success.


What is the ImPACT program?    

ImPACT stands for Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. It is the premier concussion management program in the country and Lubbock Sports Medicine is bring it to you. This computerized evaluation system provides our clinicians with neurocognitive assessment tools and services that will be integral in return to play decisions.  Have a look at the ImPACT Concussion Management Model for yourself and you’ll see why this is the leading concussion management program in the country!


Important facts about the ImPACT Test:

The ImPact Test is


The ImPact Test is Not


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