Sports Medicine medical professionals include orthopedic surgeons to athletic trainers

Sports Medicine involves several medical professionals.

The main focus of sports medicine is to assist athletes perform at their optimal level in sports, avoid injury and facilitate quick recovery. Over the course of the last several years, owing to the fact that more people are taking up exercises as part of their lifestyle, this area of medical specialty is witnessing exponential growth.

With the support that sports medicine is giving to people in all level of physical training, there is much more understanding of sports performance and sports-related treatment. Any doctor with the right experience and specialization can be a sports medicine physician but this field comprises of many other professionals, as well.

  • Athletics trainer

Athletics training involves all the areas that enable an athlete to perform well. From management of existing injuries and other medical conditions, to diagnosis and prevention of new ones, an athletics trainer is the best professional to ensure the overall wellbeing of an athlete. While the terms athletics trainer and personal trainer are used interchangeably, there is no similarity to what these two professions deal with. A personal trainer enhances body fitness while an athletics trainer uses medical knowledge and approach to keep an athlete’s body in top shape.

  • Exercise Physiologist

Everyone desires to live a healthy life which comprises of eating well and keeping fit. Most people with heart disease or other chronic illness are advised to seek their doctor’s advice before starting any exercise regime. Primary doctors often work with an exercise physiologist, whose function includes making an analysis of the kind of exercises an individual can safely engage in.

  • Kinesiotherapist

A long period of hospitalization or inactivity due to injury or disease causes the muscles in the body to lose function and atrophy. While physiotherapy is the program that helps one to exercise these muscles, a Kinesiotherapist is the professional who develops and monitors these exercise programs with an aim of reviving dormant tissue.

  • Sports Medicine Specialist / Orthopedic Surgeon

Most people are aware that major sports teams have an in-house doctor who provides the first line of care when injury occurs. The role of this branch of sports medicine is to ensure that anyone who is involved in active sports performs to the best of their ability without injury holding them back. A primary care sports medical expert is not authorizes to perform any surgical procedure on athletes but is involved in ensuring that repair to damaged ligaments, tendons and joints is followed by suitable care to restore performance.  These sports medicine specialists often times work hand in hand with orthopedic surgeons, who also specialize in sports medicine.

Sports medicine is a collective effort of several medical professionals who all work diligently toward the sustained physical health of their patients.


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