Health and Wellness for AthletesMaintaining proper health and wellness when you are a premier athlete might seem logical to attain. It certainly would be if you are concerned about finding a balance between rest, stress and recovery. For optimal athletic performance, these three aspects must be in balance. While it may be easy to adapt to a routine to achieve this balance, the outcome and journey is different for different individuals.

The general rule as you train is to consider your optimal expected performance. The following factors are a guide to help an athlete maintain proper health and wellness.

  • Nutrition

Athletes lose a lot of water from their bodies during work outs, practice and actual sporting events. It is important for this water to be replaced as often as possible so as to keep the body hydrated for optimal performance. Maintaining proper nutrition is also important for an athlete because the body needs consistent energy levels at all times. Foods like carbohydrates must be included in the diet. Apart from providing the much needed long-term energy, carbs also require relatively little oxygen to digest.

  • Supplements

All athletes are aware of the importance of drugs and supplements in maintaining their winning culture. While healthy supplements are those that provide extra essential nutrients for the body, the use of performance boosters should be avoided. Athletes should be wary of the products sold to them in the name of providing supplementation because some of the active ingredients in some supplement may be classified as illicit. To be safe, consult a sports doctor to approve the kind of supplement you intend to take.

  • Illness

Illness is part of life and especially when the body systems are under intense pressure to perform. Athletes are always thinking of strategies to enhance their performance and this stress could lead to illness manifested in the physical body. It is important to maintain a positive outlook on life, and accept the outcome of all competitive events. This is the only key to health and wellness.  Learn from shortfalls, and train smart to create improved future results.

  • Maintaining life balance

Every athlete has their own schedule, and while it is important to incorporate activities that improve their chances of excellence, it is equally important to balance them according to the needs of the body and mind. With a training log, it becomes easier for an athlete to monitor their fluctuating performance and devise ways of coping and staying on target.

Competitions are won by a mix of exercise, diet and rest, so these aspects should always be in balance with each other.


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