Women want young, smooth skin to feel confident and beautiful. Many have turned to different oils to achieve the skin conditioning they want. Others have taken it overboard with lotions that contain harmful chemicals. Despite all these efforts, one thing always wins; aging. However, many lotions and creams do work, and can certainly lead to the appearance of younger-looking skin. That said, it’s important to shift the focus from getting a young skin to getting a healthy one. Even in your 60s, having healthy skin can give out the vibe that you look like you are in your 40’s. It is therefore about taking the right measures to maintain healthy skin.

To do this;

  • Avoid too much sun exposure

The sun is good for your skin, but too much exposure has its problems. It can cause skin cancer, wrinkled skin and inflamed or spotted skin. Consequently, apply sunblock, wear hats and do not stay under the sun for too long. This isn’t just for older women. Maintaining a healthy skin tone will start at an early age. Hence, pass on this advice to your loved ones to prevent future issues for them.

  • Wash the face before bed

Women over 60 tend to have dry skin. It’s natural that as we get older, the oil glands dry up. You can reduce the dryness by washing up before going to bed. However, avoid using soap as it strips the skin of its natural oils. In addition, stay hydrated always. Drinking lots of water keeps the skin moisturized and replaces lost fluids.

  • Go for natural products

The desperation and obsession with younger skin can become dangerous. Using oils with harsh chemicals only destroys the skin. Thus, use natural skincare products. Read the ingredients for natural herbs, coconut and olive oils among other natural extracts. At all costs, avoid any products that cause skin irritation. It is a sign that your skin doesn’t agree with whatever is in the oil or cream.

  • Quit smoking

In case you enjoy smoking, once you hit 50 years and above, it’s time to quit (or certainly before). Besides giving your lungs a break, giving up smoking actually allows the skin to stay healthy. You have seen how heavy smokers look old even in their 40s. This is a habit that affects your skin and you should seek ways to stop for the skin that you want.

  • Take bathtub time measures

No one can turn down a warm bath, as it can be so relaxing. Staying in it for too long, however, dries out the skin. Therefore, try to spend less time soaking or use bath oil and once you are out, apply some moisturizer.

As we conclude, let us accept that we are growing older. Try not to fight it. Instead, find solutions to healthy skin such as the listed. Always exfoliate and appreciate how you look to boost your confidence. Everyone is beautiful.


Here’s to your health!

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