Orthopedic care Lubbock TX, Physical RehabilitationActive people and the elderly are prone to severe injuries that could affect their mobility. In sports, most injuries are minor but in some cases, they can be quite serious. This is where physical rehabilitation comes into play. Physical rehabilitation also extends to children with certain medical conditions that prevent full body function. The treatment helps one to regain lost body movement. Physical rehabilitation is important for those in sports, as they have a higher risk of injuries.

In general, physical rehabilitation helps with:


  • Brain disorders – these are such as cerebral palsy, strokes and conditions caused by brain injuries. Sportspersons, especially those who participate in contact games, may suffer concussions and other brain injuries leading to loss of memory and loss of motor control. The rehabilitation program helps in recovery of such conditions.
  • Chronic pain– it mostly involves back and neck. Chronic pain prevents one from performing their best and can be a significant and lasting pain. Physical rehabilitation helps reduce the pain and aids quick recovery.
  • Joint or bone surgery – a major joint or bone surgery or a limb amputation caused by sports injury is hard to recover from. It takes more than medicine and visits to the orthopedic care doctors to heal. It also requires emotional support which is part of rehabilitation.
  • Spinal cord injuries – injuries to the backbone can be fatal. These injuries could cause permanent damage to some body functions, disability or even death. The physical rehabilitation treatments aim to avoid the injuries from worsening.

All in all, physical rehabilitation in sports should not be overlooked. It helps mobility, speech and language recovery with the above conditions.

The rehabilitation process may be during recovery or before a planned surgery. When done before, it prepares the person undergoing surgery physically and mentally for the outcome of the process. It assists one to remain strong both mentally and physically.

Physical rehabilitation teaches people how to take care of themselves since after making progress, one may not need the assistance of a rehab specialist. It teaches one to be independent again in attending daily tasks like using the bathroom, moving from a wheelchair or even eating. The rehabilitation program is designed to get sports-persons back to their normal state. In case of loss of some of their abilities, it helps them accept and move on.

The rehabilitation is not a one person’s job. It involves physiatrists, family or caregivers, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and many others. Each has a role to play in the recovery process.

Those in sports; players, coaches, team managers and fitness trainers should advocate for physical rehabilitation for better performance.


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