What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term orthopedic care? Most of us think of professional athletes and the sports injuries they often endure. This is part of what orthopedic care entails. However, it is broad and extends to those who are involved in regular exercises to keep fit and people who participate in recreation activities like swimming and cycling.

Orthopedic care is dedicated to treating both acute and chronic injuries that one may suffer. Acute injuries result from sport-related trauma and may include muscle tears, fractures, sprains, cartilage injuries and tendon ruptures. On the other hand, chronic injuries are due to overuse of muscles. This mainly occurs due to repetitive exercises or athletic activities without giving the body rest to regenerate. They are mostly; stress fractures, tendonitis, arthritis and bursitis. These injuries limit athletes to perform at 100% and may even give them trouble as they carry on with their daily activities.

Orthopedic care helps people recover more quickly and safely through a comprehensive evaluation. They take into consideration the type of sport one is involved in and the intensity of the injury. Orthopedic care involves surgical treatment where necessary, cartilage transplant and restoration, custom orthotics and platelet-rich plasma treatments. Sports injury treatment is a delicate job and should be done by a professional orthopedic doctor since the wrong treatment can be the end of a career and a lifetime full of pain.

Orthopedic care is important since;

  • It assists to prevent injury and manages pain – A regular visit to the orthopedic surgeon exposes injuries that are yet to manifest by examining the muscles and ligaments. It also helps to get rid of the pain of a sports injury through right medication and care.
  • It is useful in youth sports – The fact that children involved in youth sports are yet to develop fully makes orthopedic care crucial in these sports. Any injury at this stage could mean stunted growth, a lifetime injury or loss of the child’s ability to play. The doctors in sports medicine offer advice on how to prevent injuries and when one should keep off the sport for a while.
  • Helps diagnose and determine treatment – In sports, each injury requires specific treatment and each sport has its own demands. Orthopedic care combines the two to provide maximum and professional services.
  • It helps in the rehabilitation plan – Sports injuries require one to ease back into the game. Orthopedic care will slowly and safely help the recovery process through physical therapy, constant supervision, and rest recommendations. It minimizes the impact of the pain and injury while preventing further damage.

As long as you are actively involved in any activity that could lead to musculoskeletal injury or sport-related problems, you should seek orthopedic care periodically.

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Disclaimer: This information is provided as an educational service only, and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Anyone seeking specific medical advice or assistance should consult his or her doctor or orthopedic surgeon.