There are several ways seniors can stay active. However, you need to consider your current health status and overall fitness level in order to prevent injuries or complications.

Before starting any exercise routine, make sure to speak with your primary care physician first.

With that said, let us cover the details of how to stay active as a senior while taking into consideration some age-related restrictions.

Ways seniors can stay active

Nordic walking

One of the most effective ways to stay active as a senior is Nordic walking.

Initially, this exercise was introduced as a summer training activity for competitions. Over time, people adopted Nordic walking to stay active.

To perform Nordic walking, you need two poles to propel yourself forward. Researchers found that this exercise utilizes 90% of the body’s muscles. This is significantly higher than other routines.

According to Harvard Medical School, Nordic walking increases the rate of caloric expenditure by 67% compared to standard exercises.

Running and jogging

Running and jogging are the simplest forms of exercise for all age groups. However, the intensity and frequency of the exercises should be based on your doctor’s recommendations. For instance, if you suffer from heart disease, make sure to ask your doctor whether it is okay to jog.

In one study, scientists found that regular aerobic training can actually help seniors with cardiovascular diseases.


Swimming is an ideal form of exercise for seniors. It is a low-impact routine that stimulates your heart just in the right way.

Moving in the water supports your joints and adds resistance to your muscles. Eventually, you will end up with a more resilient musculoskeletal system.

Finally, when you swim, the risk of overheating is significantly lower. This is important to prevent dehydration, which is a real issue in the senior population.


Yoga improves the health of your joints, muscles, and ligaments. It also induces feelings of calmness, inner peace, and relaxation – something that is vital for seniors who are more susceptible to mental disorders.

Another benefit of yoga is stimulating the cardiovascular system, which lowers the risk of heart disease. A classic example is coronary artery disease or CAD. This disease alone takes millions of lives every year, especially from the elderly population.

Studies concluded that people who practice yoga regularly are less likely to die from CAD. The explanation of this phenomenon revolves around yoga’s ability to address cardiovascular risk factors, such as a sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, and psychological stress.

Takeaway message

Searching for ways seniors can stay active is the first step towards achieving optimal health. The tips covered in this article will help you maintain your autonomous lifestyle and lower your risk of debilitating diseases.

We hope that this article will serve as a guideline for seniors to stay active and reduce their risk of several chronic illnesses.


Here’s to your health!

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