Orthopedic SurgerySports medicine is designed to improve athletic performance, treat, and prevent injuries. If you are athletic, you have to rely on medicine to maintain your health and fitness. Injuries always seem to part of an athlete’s life. Orthopedic surgery is a significant part of sports medicine. These surgeries especially deal to treat musculoskeletal problems such as acute injuries, acquired or congenital disorders, and chronic arthritis. These are also involved in treating the overuse condition of joints and their related soft tissues (such as muscles, nerves, ligaments) and bones.

Hence, commonly practiced orthopedic surgeries in sports medicine are as following:

Knee and shoulder arthroscopy:

Before performing surgery, a complete examination is done. In these methods a small incision is made on your shoulder or knee, then a tiny camera is inserted inside through an incision attached with an instrument. The image is then projected on the screen to help with the proper diagnosis.

Knee replacement surgery:

While playing sports, the knee is the most commonly injured part of your body. According to the intensity of your injury, you may get a total or partial knee replacement. This therapy is recommended when the cartilage of your knee joint is damaged and movement becomes painful and restricted. This may be caused by repetitive movements and bursitis (inflammation in the fluid-filled cushioning sacs of your knee joint). In this surgery your knee is replaced with a metal component or just the damaged part is replaced.

Shoulder replacement surgery:

This surgery replaces the upper portion of your humerus (upper bone of your arm) with a metal ball. While the damaged part of the socket is exchanged with a plastic prosthesis. Your rotator cuff (ligament and tendon in your shoulder) holds things in place.

Trigger finger release:

Your fingers contain tendons, which allows your fingers to bend or move. These tendons are protected with sheath, and when they become injured it leads to inflammation. This condition is very painful and does not allow you to extend fingers, commonly named trigger finger. Hence, In this surgery damaged sheath is removed, local anesthesia is given and you recover usually within a few days.

ACL reconstruction surgery:

When your major knee ligament ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is damaged, this surgery may be performed. The doctor may take a tendon from other body parts and us it to graft the damaged part of the ACL in your knee.


So, these orthopedic surgeries are playing a promising role in sports medicine to treat acute sports injuries.








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