Do you ever visualize a perfect life? Sometimes, it doesn’t quite work out that way. However, we can try to make lemonade whenever life throws us lemons. This way, you are a step closer to achieving happiness away from stress and develop sound mental health. Unfortunately, our efforts can be met with some challenges leading to failure, including unforeseen bumps in the roads and self-doubt.

We become hard on ourselves and eventually the negativity within may turn into self-loathing, depression, stress and even push away the ones we love. If one continues on this path, everything becomes dull. What you enjoyed most no longer pleases you and you lack confidence in your ideas. The destruction from within begins to eat away all your happiness.

To change the trajectory, start by becoming self-aware. You will notice the red flags and slowly become conscious of the things that cause the pain and make you beat yourself up. Therefore, you will know what it takes to patch things up and get back on the right track of self-appreciation.

After understanding that the disappointments are part of life and giving yourself credit where it is due, you need to accept what has passed. We can’t change what happened in the past. It is pointless to dwell on these mistakes. Instead, look to the future and live in the present. Correct what you can and be composed for a better future.

With such an attitude, the journey towards self-compassion begins, and the healing process gradually begins to show in your life. You stop the spiral of self-judgment and trash-taking. The pain fades away as you become kinder to yourself. At this point, your mental health changes and you start to see the positive side of all challenges and failures.

Beating yourself up only consumes you from within and when your spirit and body can’t handle it anymore, you become aggressive, angry and hate all the good things. So do not allow yourself go down that path. Only you can understand your thoughts and the pain of beating yourself up. For that reason, you have the power to regain your life back. Take charge and see life as a gift with limited time. So avoid the stress and mental torture by appreciating yourself more.

Here’s to your health!

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