Depression is a dangerous condition of the mind which if not treated as soon as possible, the outcomes can be heartbreaking. Before recent studies were conducted, clinical depression used to be a ‘woman’s disease’. But in this day and age, over 6 million cases of men suffering from depression are reported yearly in the US. These numbers prove that even men are prone to depression and if they are diagnosed with the condition, they should take the necessary steps to effectively deal with it.

Men hide depression

The figures of men with depression could be even higher since many hide the condition. The society’s definition of men is what prevents early diagnosis leading to suicide attempts. To men, sharing their emotions can be a sign of weakness in the eyes of society. Therefore, whatever emotional troubles causing one to be depressed can be especially tough to deal with for men.

How men ‘deal’ with depression

For those who fail to seek help, they often result in unhealthy methods of dealing with their situation. They can become alcoholic, aggressive, reckless in driving, abusive and angry. These signs may not be the case in women as they are more willing to speak about depression with their friends or family members. However, many people regardless of gender find it difficult to open up about depression. In extreme cases, both men and women may attempt suicide but the sad news is, men are more successful in their attempts. Another thing worth noting is that suicide thoughts in men can be impulsive and they may exhibit fewer warning signs.

Effects of depression in men

Besides the common withdrawal from the public, lack of sleep, hypersomnia, loss of interest and feeling sad, men can also experience erectile dysfunction. This condition can really affect their confidence and has a huge impact on their relationships. For this reason, if men experience erectile dysfunction, they should ensure that the cause is not depression-based, and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation if the cause is indeed due to depression.

The way forward

Depression is manageable. Do not wait until it’s too late. Thus, men shouldn’t feel embarrassed if they suffer from depression. In fact, society is more willing to support anyone’s process toward recovery.

After admitting that one is depressed, there are prescribed antidepressants to help counter the effects of depression. There is also psychotherapy and if one feels like that is not the answer, they can share their thoughts with their most trusted and supportive friend or family member. For any suicidal thoughts, a support system will help keep it from happening or alternatively, one can call 911, your emergency contact, or the suicide hotline to get help.

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