Women are flocking the gyms for different workout routines – and for different reasons. Some just want to get a body they are proud of, others want peace of mind through yoga classes, while others just want to improve their health and feel empowered. No matter the reason, the number of women joining gyms is growing each year meaning that there is increasing love for exercise. However, having enough motivation to visit the gym consistently can be tough to find. It could be you are too tired, experiencing the strain of work, or having relationship issues. Unfortunately, once you have had these days continuously, it’s inevitable that your workout motivation decreases. You may even feel like never returning to workout again.

On the bright side, there are ways you can make sure you do not lose the momentum, like changing up exercises or intensity that ease post-workout pains. Other ideas to help keep your gym motivation high include;

  • Committing to a specific gym

We like to sample different gyms and studios especially when our friends recommend them. By doing so, no support system is established. For a person who maintains their workouts in one gym, there becomes a sense of community. The friends you make there and the trainers will often check on you in case you are a no show. In addition, if you feel too lazy for a workout, remember your commitment to yourself and to your goals – and stay on task. Consistency is everything when it comes to exercise and improving our physical health. Committing to a single gym that you really like helps enhance your routine and your consistency.

  • Shake things up a bit

A never-changing workout schedule could be messing up your attitude. It creates monotony which can do a number on your attitude, finding it difficult to train. You can, therefore, try to change your schedule every once in a while. Take a different session, or exercise one hour early than your normal time. This aids in finding new inspiration and keeps things interesting. Also, rotate your routines to address all parts of your body. The gym trainers can help create the perfect, revolving routines for any of their members.

  • Do something new

Ever heard of cross-training? It is a way of keeping exercise fun. Try mixing things up. Attend yoga, aerobic or spin classes every now and then before getting back to your usual routine. You will be surprised at how easy you will find it to put on your workout outfit. Cross-training can also be useful to help improve one’s overall athleticism.

  • Have friends come by

Everyone has their selected exercises and classes. Inviting your friends to your routines or exercise sessions, and you may want to try their routines/sessions. This is a great way to cross-train and get introduced to other parts of the gym while keeping things fun with your friends.

Exercises are supposed to be fun. No one should feel like they are being forced to work out. The main thing is to find your motivation to keep you in the gym and focus on reaching your personal health goals.


Here’s to your health!

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