Active Lifestyle, www.drkevincrawford.comAn active lifestyle is one that involves consistent physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. It is key to fitness and overall wellness of the body. An active lifestyle has tons of benefits to physical and mental strength.  Leading such a lifestyle ensures a stress-free life. It increases the cognitive functions, boosts energy, combat diseases, increases relaxation, sharpens memory and controls your weight. You do not have to be a sportsperson to lead an active lifestyle. All it takes is regular exercises that your body can handle.  An active way of living needs;

  • Start and take it slow

For those just starting a workout routine, it is important to start slow. Starting with strenuous exercises for long hours kills morale and will to work out the next day. The body needs to be conditioned for the new lifestyle. The first thing is to mentally prepare yourself. Allow your body to incorporate the routine as part of a daily activity.  The starting exercises should be simple and last few minutes to avoid body injuries like muscle strains.

  • Keep it fun

Doing something you enjoy will help boost energy to push on. It is, therefore, best to pick exercises you enjoy. If it is dancing, running, walking or aerobics, make the session fun. Other times, it helps to have friends or family members join the workout routine. The more the merrier. Exercising alone can be boring and along the way, you may lack the strength to continue. Having friends around keeps you energized and you do not even realize when the session is over.

  • Observe quality rather than quantity

An active lifestyle does not mean wearing your body down with vigorous workouts. You will want to control your exercise routine for body health. When observing quantity, your body will be prone to injuries which will lead to loss of will to continue. Harvard school of public health recommends a 30-minute routine where each session is ten minutes. This keeps your body energized and it is easy to achieve a ten-minute workout. The sessions can be running, swimming, dancing or whatever you enjoy and works up a sweat.

  • Listen to your body

Several days or months into your routine, your body may start to wear off. When this happens, even your mood is affected and the overall performance decreases. This is why it is good to have rest days to regain lost energy and allow your muscles to rejuvenate. When you do not feel like exercising for being too tired, do not force yourself.

  • Have goals

Having goals related to a healthy active lifestyle will help you track your progress and never lose focus. Set the time and days of the week favorable to you for better results and maximum workout.

These few tips will help you attain a healthy and fit body through an active lifestyle.  Be persistent and endure your set exercise sessions for the routine to be beneficial and successful.


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