Tips for Sleeping BetterSleeping for at least eight hours a night is absolutely heavenly. In fact, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself as far as your health is concerned. Unfortunately, with today’s hectic lifestyle, it is not easy for one to get adequate sleep, and there are several things that disrupt your good night’s sleep. Since both quantity and quality are important, the following are tips for sleeping better:

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks before Bed

Contrary to a popular belief that alcohol can help you sleep, it is important to understand that alcohol is not a sleep aid. As much as a glass of wine may at first help you drift off, the alcohol content will disrupt your sleep pattern; this is common among women. Once the alcohol wears off, you will find yourself turning and rolling in bed without falling asleep.

Avoid Working Out or Exercising Before Going to Bed

Working out a few minutes before bed stimulates your brain, increases your heart rate making it hard for your body to relax. It is essential to point out that sleep comes only when your body is relaxed. You will need about an hour or so before falling asleep. Therefore, get your last workout three to four hours before going to bed.

Avoid Eating Big Meals before Bed

It is important to refrain from eating huge meals especially carbohydrates a few minutes before going to bed. Digesting carbohydrates or a big meal takes time and this may make it hard for you to sleep. Carbohydrates can cause heartburn and going to sleep in some circumstances can be a problem, especially if you have overeaten. Therefore, eat two to three hours before retiring to bed.

Keep Your Sleep Distracters Away

Sleep distracters, in this case, are those gadgets that you keep in your bedroom or close to you. For example your mobile phone, laptop, television set, tablet or any other gadget. The artificial light contained and emitted by these electronic devices tends to suppress the secretion of the sleep producing hormone melatonin. In some cases, these gadgets can cause anxiety and this will lead to the lack of sleep or difficulty in falling asleep. Simply switch them off or simply keep them away from your bedroom.

Go for physical therapy once in a while

Physiotherapy is important to your health and wellness. Not only does it relieve neuromuscular pain, but it also relaxes your body, mind and soul. In fact, going for this therapy on a regular basis will help enable you to have a better night sleep.

A good night’s sleep is an important aspect of good health and wellness routine. Without enough or deep sleep, your body will experience difficulties in operating optimally.


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