Sports medicine Lubbock, Orthopedic Surgeon TX, are tons of fun, including for the fans cheering on their favorite teams. As for the players, it’s a way of showcasing their abilities and their competitiveness. However, often times, players are risking injury to their bodies. Many athletes suffer sports injuries due to neglect of proper technique or warm-up. Physicians in sports medicine have had many encounters with players suffering fractures, sprains, dislocations and other injuries that could have been otherwise avoided. For most competitors, it is all about the win and glory that they sometimes forget their health. Sports injuries are painful, and can have serious repercussions. Below are a few ways to help avoid and prevent sports injuries;

  • Have the right equipment

Every sport has its own set of equipment. As a player, it is your duty to ensure that the proper equipment is available to you. Coaches and trainers should be well aware of this. Wearing protective gear may be considered weak in certain arena, but it is very important. Wear protective pads, helmets, mouth guards, gloves or whatever your sport demands. Protective gear could be the one thing between you and agonizing pain of a sport injury.

  • Know and play by the rules

Rules of the game should be emphasized especially in kids’ sports. Referees, coaches and umpires should make sure all the rules are closely followed. As a player, you are encouraged to play rough, but be smart about it. The heat of the game may force your hand but it is good to remain safe and adhere to the set rules.  Know how to make safe tackles, swing the bat or dive with the correct and save technique. Consult your coach when in doubt.  Rules are there with safety in mind.

  • Eat healthy

Athletes need their strength to endure through tough exercises and games. Making sure you consume healthy nutrition will strengthen your bones and build your muscles. You will become more resilient to injuries. It is also vital to remain hydrated, more so when playing under the scorching sun. Hydration will increase your endurance by replenishing lost energy to assist you in playing longer and more effectively. Dehydration can lead to fainting or impaired judgment that increases chances of a sport injury.

  • Proper rest

The sports organizations know the importance of rest, which is why there is an off season for any game. Many sports injuries are due to overuse of muscles. There is need to allow yourself to recuperate lost energy. Allow your muscles to relax in between training sessions and games. Failure to this, and your muscles can become more prone to injury even to the slightest fall or collision. For those who participate in contact games like football, proper rest can help heal your body, and keep you in the game.

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