There is no escaping old age. However, it shouldn’t be seen as the monster that many people consider it to be. In fact, old age is a trophy that signifies the journey and the life lessons you’ve learned along the way. It also means that you get to go through the rest of your life without being bogged down by youthful angst or uncertainty. In an effort to help you age gracefully and maintain life’s natural glow, here are a few tips that just might help:

  • Sunscreen

Most are aware that the sun is a great source of vitamin D, which is vital for the skin. Yet, too much direct sunlight on our skin is also home to ultraviolet rays that are harmful and that could result to skin cancer. Additionally, some dermatologists have attributed 90% of wrinkles, sagging and dark spots to over-exposure to the sun. Seniors are more prone to damage on the skin because as we grow older, the skin’s structural fiber degenerates. This is accelerated by exposure to the sun. To avoid additional dermal damage, apply a generous amount of sunscreen if you are going out into the sun. Furthermore, wear a hat and some sunglasses to offer additional protection.

  • Retinoid

Wrinkles are quite common as we age, but there is a way to ditch them – at least partly. This is through using retinol which is derived from vitamin A. Most dermatologists praise retinol because it has anti-aging effects. It fights wrinkles by boosting the production of collagen. This helps prevent facial fine lines. Retinol also aids in developing new blood vessels and this leads to healthier skin.

  • Exercising

Engaging in physical activity can greatly benefit your skin, especially for seniors. For one, exercising helps build muscle. This fights the tendency in elderly people to lose muscle, which ends in degeneration. Through resistance training, this can be avoided and will also help boost strength and mass. For two, exercise leads to better-looking skin as it improves blood flow in the skin cells. This ensures that they are nourished and that waste products are whisked away from the cells.

  • Diet

Your diet will have an effect on your mood, your health, and your appearance. To improve on all this, indulge in a diet that is rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein and one that has low sugar content. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that reverse signs of aging. Additionally, good fats like omega-3 fatty acids protect the skin and make you look young. Of course, avoid smoking.

The key to aging gracefully is taking care of your skin. This means breaking habits that have adverse effects on the skin and adopting those that improve it. Aging gracefully just got a bit easier.


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